A second undrafted rookie cornerback is making noise at Detroit Lions training camp

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When it comes undrafted cornerbacks the Detroit Lions added after April's draft, Starling Thomas has gotten plenty of "he could make the 53-man roster" buzz and that has continued into training camp.

Below the radar, at least until the last two days of padded practice at Lions' training camp, is Steven Gilmore. The Marshall product had a good day on Friday, then stood out with two forced turnovers (an interception of Nate Sudfeld and a forced fumble on a strip tackle of Denzel Mims) on Saturday.

Before Saturday's practice, via Pride of Detroit, Lions head coach Dan Campbell talked about Gilmore.

"“Yeah, we like Gilly,“We liked his tape too when he was coming out and he has some awareness about him, he has some instincts, he has ball skills, pretty good movement skills. I think for him, it’s going to be some of it – along with development – is the physical development. He’s not a real big guy. He has to get a little bit of mass on him, get a little bit stronger... We’re excited about him.”"

Dan Campbell

Indeed, Gilmore comes in at 6-foot tall and just 170 pounds, prompting Campbell's mass comment. As a smaller corner himself when he played, Lions' defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn may have a particular affinity for Gilmore.

Detroit Lions training camp: Who is Steven Gilmore?

Gilmore played five seasons and 55 games at Marshall. He grabbed three interceptions in each of his last two seasons for the Thundering Herd, with a total of 29 pass breakups over his last three seasons. Those ball skills have shown thus far in training camp, as he has been good in man coverage.

If Gilmore's last name makes you wonder something, wonder no more. He is the younger brother of five-time Pro Bowl cornerback and former Defensive Player of the Year Stephon Gilmore, now of the Dallas Cowboys. The young Lions' corner told reporters he talks to his brother daily, as easily expected.

When it comes down to it, Gilmore may be victim of a numbers game and on the outside looking in when it comes to making the Lions' initial 53-man roster. If he can make it back to them after being let go, if he's let go, he'll have a spot on the practice squad without question if he continues to show out at training camp.

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