A look at the Detroit Lions roster the last time they won a division title

The Detroit Lions are set to end the drought this year, but let's look at their roster the last time they won a division title.

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1993 Detroit Lions player roster-Offense (Run-And-Shoot scheme-"The Silver Stretch")

Quarterbacks: Rodney Peete, Erik Kramer, Andre Ware
Running Backs: Barry Sanders, Gary Anderson, Eric Lynch, Derrick Moore, Mel Gray (KR/PR), Ed Tillison (PUP list)
Wide Receivers: Herman Moore, Brett Perriman, Willie Green, Jeff Campbell, Aubrey Matthews, Reggie Barrett
Tight Ends: Rodney Holman, Ty Hallock
Offensive Line: Starters: Lomas Brown (LT), David Richards (LG), Kevin Glover (C), Bill Fralic (RG), Dave Lutz (RT)
Reserves: Scott Conover (OT), Mike Compton (OG), Larry Tharpe (OT), Shawn Bouwens (OG), Mark Rodenhauser (LS/C)

The Lions' running three-man quarterback carousel ended in1993, with Peete starting 10 games, Kramer starting four and Ware starting two. Kramer was pretty clearly the best of the three, with a 95.1 passer rating, eight touchdowns and three interceptions over his five total appearances. Scott Mitchell was signed the following offseason.

Sanders finished fifth in the league in rushing (1,115 yards), along with 36 receptions. Moore led the team with 61 catches for 935 yards and six touchdowns, followed by Perriman (49 receptions for 496 yards).

The Lions finished 16th in scoring offense (18.6 points per game) and 24th in total offense (291.1 yards per game) in 1993. They had the seventh-best rushing offense in the league (121.5 yards per game), and the 24th-ranked passing offense (169.6 yards per game).