5 free agents the Detroit Lions could still sign before the 2023 season starts

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Between now and when the season starts, these five still-available free agents could be on the Detroit Lions radar.

The offseason program will be over across the NFL now. Now there's a break before training camp in July, and perhaps a period for teams to really take a hard look at what their 90-man roster will look like at the start of camp.

The Detroit Lions appear perfectly content with one area that was not emphasized as essentially promised by general manager Brad Holmes this offseason--the No.2 quarterback spot behind Jared Goff. And no, a "strong contract offer" to Teddy Bridgewater does not qualify as proper emphasis on a position that could torpedo a promising season if Goff were to go down.

So let's assume the Lions will not be adding another quarterback of any note, not that the free agent options are all that enticing now anyway (Bridgewater and Carson Wentz are the top two, with Nick Foles as a notable name who might be regarded as a fit for the Lions).

Leaving aside recent cuts, there's a reason someone who is available in mid-June is still available in mid-June if they could have been signed in March. Age, injury history, coming of a down year, contract demands, etc. So that has to be taken into consideration, in terms of who could be signed right now and how much of a difference they could actually make.

That said, the Lions have some potential depth concerns at spots on their roster, and fostering competition is always a good thing.

So with that, here are five still-available NFL free agents the Lions could sign before this season starts.

5 free agents the Detroit Lions could sign before the 2023 season starts