5 former Detroit Lions who are unsurprisingly still free agents as June nears

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As the calendar nears June, these five former Detroit Lions unsurprisingly remain available as free agents.

NFL teams have launched OTAs, and as the calendar moves toward June the core of rosters are basically determined. That said, there are still some notable names available and teams always have their eye on what's going on if they can find a way to improve their roster.

Though another experienced quarterback or a veteran defensive tackle could be on their radar, the Detroit Lions probably won't do much more this offseason in terms of adding players. Bringing back any former Lions at this point is a faint idea at best, and pretty unlikely. And truly, that well was gone to during the full brunt of free agency when a useful player who was misused by the previous regime in Detroit was brought back (Graham Glasgow).

Linebacker Jalen Reeves-Maybin was also brought back after one season with the Houston Texans.

The market, also dictated by the other 31 teams, says some other former Lions players are just not very desirable as they linger available, now deep into May and moving into June. Patiently waiting to sign as if a market for their services will suddenly form, like former Lion Ndamukong Suh did last year and is ready to do again this year, is not necessarily a viable option for most. If a team hasn't signed them now, when rosters are at the maximum 90, there's a solid chance it won't be happening.

With that latter sentiment in mind, here are five former Detroit Lions who are unsurprising still free agents this offseason.

5 former Detroit Lions who are usurprisingly still free agents