5 dream scenarios for the Detroit Lions in 2023

The Detroit Lions have high expectations heading into the 2023 season, and here are five dream scenarios for them.
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Jordan Love

4. The Packers Hall of Fame quarterback run comes to a fast end

Since Brett Favre took over for Don Majkowski in September of 1992, the Packers have had a seamless 30-year run of Hall of Fame quarterbacks. The thorn in the Lions side that was Aaron Rodgers is gone, and Jordan Love is taking over.

The Lions did get a look at Love in the 2021 season finale, when the Packers had nothing at stake and Rodgers did not play the entire game. But he has a lot to prove in a broad sense. If he quickly proves he's overmatched, or at least still has a lot of development left to do, the Packers will not pose a challenge to the Lions in the division this year.

3. The Bears remain the Bears

The Bears appear to be on a positive track, with a young quarterback (Justin Fields) and a reinforced roster after having plenty of resources to spend this offseason. But they are still the Bears, with only occasional pop-up success before they usually fade back into obscurity/mediocrity for years.

The Bears may sneak up on some people this year. But they are still building toward what that pop-up peak season will be, and a jump from earning the No. 1 pick last year to contenton this year would be surprising. "Da Bears" should remain "Da Bears" in 2023.