5 dream scenarios for the Detroit Lions in 2023

The Detroit Lions have high expectations heading into the 2023 season, and here are five dream scenarios for them.
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Heading into a season with high expectaions, here are five dream scenarios for the Detroit Lions in 2023.

The last time the Detroit Lions won their division, it was called the NFC Central and there were 28 teams in the NFL. Wayne Fontes was the head coach, and three quarterbacks started games for them (Rodney Peete, Erik Kramer, Andre Ware).

Now, 30 years later, the Lions are favored to win the NFC North. They are a rising team, while the other three teams in the division have question marks. An active run in free agency and a solid draft has the Lions' roster looking quite good. Dan Campbell is leaving behind all the "knee cap-biting" jokes from his introductory press conference, and showing himself to be a credible head coach.

The "Same Old Lions" narrative may linger until they prove otherwise, which makes it easy to lean toward the potential nightmare scenarios for this season of high hopes. But let's shift the other way here, toward "what if things went well?" side.....Yes, that's an uncommon thing regarding this franchise, but let's embrace positivity and dream a little.

On that note, here are five dream scenarios for the Lions in 2023.

5 dream scenarios for the Detroit Lions in 2023

5. The defense becomes a driving force for winning, all season

Not coincidentally, the Lions' 8-2 surge over the last 10 games last season came with the defense notably improving against the run (outside of one bad game) and forcing turnovers (at times in bunches).

With the overhaul of the secondary, and the idea they'll be deeper coming off the edge to get after opposing quarterbacks, the Lions' defense needs to take a notable step this year. As good as the offense is expected to be again, Aaron Glenn's unit can't just be along for the ride. This defense will need to make difference-making plays, all season long.