5 Detroit Lions players to watch during joint practices vs. Jaguars

With two days of joint practices coming against the Jacksonville Jaguars, these five Detroit Lions are most worth watching.
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Jameson Williams, Detroit Lions
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2. OLB Julian Okwara

This side of Sudfeld, no Lion needed a good performance in the preseason opener more than the younger Okwara. The difference is, even in the context of facing backup lineman, Okwara delivered with with a three-sack game against the Giants.

Dan Campbell called out Okwara for a lack of consistency not too long ago. So the thing now is keeping that good momentum from the game against the Giants going this week, and taking himself all the way off the roster bubble. What reporters on the ground say about how he's putting pressure on, and gets "sacks" of, Trevor Lawrence and the Jaguars' quarterbacks will be interesting to note.

1. WR Jameson Williams

Williams makes this list again, with plenty of work coming his way in these joint practices against the Jaguars and the subsequent game. His showing in the preseason opener was a mixed bag (two catches on seven targets, with a nice a two-point conversion grab), maintaining the mixed bag (with a negative lean?) training camp has been for him.

In a vacuum, any Jaguars' cornerback Williams will go against in practice on Wednesday and Thursday will be less talented than he is. Apart from raw catches (and/or catchable/uncatchable passes to tilt that), winning those individual matchups with speed or savvy route running would be a huge confidence builder for him.

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