5 biggest winners for Detroit Lions early in 2024 free agency

Here are the biggest winners for the Lions so far in free agency.

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The Detroit Lions, without spending a ton of money, have had a nice run in free agency a week-plus into things. They've addressed most of their needs, and undoubtedly addressed their biggest needs (cornerback, edge rusher, defensive tackle, guard). The signing of guard Kevin Zeitler to kickoff the second week of free agency should boost their free agency grades to the highest marks all-around.

But free agent signings have an impact on the the teammates they are joining, ideally positively one way or another (a more ideal role, simply having better talent in their position group, a spot that impacts their production being upgraded. Moves not made can also make an incumbent player a "winner" from free agency.

After the early part of free agency this year, these five players are clear winners for the Detroit Lions.

5. DT Brodric Martin

Even though the Lions traded up to get him in the third round of the 2023 draft, it was clear Martin was a developmental prospect and that was shown as he barely played as rookie (three regular season games, 28 defensive snaps).

During his introductory press conference, DJ Reader specifically mentioned how he was looking forward to mentoring Martin.

He's a young pup, he's running around, trying to figure things out so I can't wait to get my hands on him and just talk to him, talk to him about ball, how to play this position, especially that nose guard position," Reader said of Martin.

"It's a unique position and there's a right way to do it and there's a wrong way to do it and there's just things you can learn that'll help you out. Especially I think you can be asked to take double teams on all the time, so hopefully I can help him a lot."