5 bargain targets for the Detroit Lions in free agency

As the Detroit Lions shape a free agency plan, these five low-cost options look like nice fits.

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5. CB Stephon Gilmore

It's hard to comfortably call Gilmore a bargain, based on his name and resume alone. But at 33 years old (34 early next season), he can probably be brought in on a one or two-year deal that won't prevent other additions from being made. And there have been plenty of predictions/projections matching he and the Lions, even with the fairly flimsy addition of the fact his younger brother Steven is on the team.

Projections from Spotrac and Pro Football Focus sit a one-year deal for Gilmore, at $11.1 and $10 million respectively. He has plenty left in the tank, after playing all 17 games for the Cowboys last season with 13 pass breakups and two interceptions.

If Gilmore wants to chase another ring, there are few better places to do it than Detroit right now. Tacking on a second year, which would be fine and viable, could be a differentiation point from other offers he gets.

4. OG John Simpson

Simpson made our list of potential free agent pivot options if the Lions lose left guard Jonah Jackson, which seems more and more likely as the days go on and other guards sign new deals.

Pro Football Focus named Detroit as a possible landing spot for Simpson, of course on the idea they'd have to replace Jackson and may look toward someone who is cheaper. Brad Spielberger's evaluation of Simpson as someone who "brings an edge in the run game" sounds like an ideal fit for the Lions, and offensive line coach Hank Fraley can surely help him refine any previous penalty issues.

Simpson has started every game in the two seasons he was given a chance to start, 2021 with the Raiders and 2023 with the Ravens. He allowed just one sack last season, and seems to have some untapped potential. He may end up part of a competition at left guard if the Lions are looking for a new starter, but Simpson is an ideal bargain target if Jackson indeed finds far greener pastures elsewhere.