5 all-in trades the Detroit Lions could make before the deadline

The Detroit Lions are buyers heading into the trade deadline, as much they may even be, and here are five "all-in" trades they could make before next Tuesday.
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4. Trade for Cardinals WR Marquise Brown

The 1-6 Cardinals are not going anywhere this season, as expected, and in the last year of his contract Brown is a prime trade candidate for them. He is off to an ok start this season (32 receptions for 383 yards, three touchdowns), but such is life when your quarterback is Josh Dobbs.

As part of wide-ranging trade deadline piece recently, Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports had some intel about Brown in naming the Lions as trade deadline shoppers.

"Cardinals wideout Marquise Brown is another name that came up with a line drawn to the Lions by another front office."

So naturally, Diana Russini of The Athletic (subscription required) recently reported the Cardinals are not looking to trade Brown. Which doesn't mean they won't, just that they aren't shopping him.

The Cardinals may envision a future with Brown as Kyler Murray's top target, and it's not an unrealistic vision if that's the way they want to go. But trading him now wouldn't necessarily mean they can't bring him back as a free agent in March, while possibly adding a Day 2 pick to their draft capital haul.

Lions Marquise Brown trade

3. Trade for Vikings DE Danielle Hunter

Monday night's win over the San Francisco 49ers put the Vikings at 3-4 on the season, and their upcoming schedule is not exactly daunting. But there have been plenty of reports and rumors they have gotten calls on Hunter. Given their history of not wanting to pay him like a top edge rusher, a trade can't be ruled out even if Minnesota is now straddling the line of being a buyer or seller at the deadline.

Hunter leads the NFL in sacks with nine going into Week 8. The Lions need a dominant edge rusher to pair with Aidan Hutchinson, and Hunter is on an expiring deal. The price might be a little higher than they'd like (a first-round pick?), but the Lions could go all-in and weaken a division rival in fair swoop.

Lions Danielle Hunter trade