5 all-in trades the Detroit Lions could make before the deadline

The Detroit Lions are buyers heading into the trade deadline, as much they may even be, and here are five "all-in" trades they could make before next Tuesday.

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5. Trade for Raiders WR Davante Adams

One way or another going back several months, Adams can't seem to stop airing his frustrations with his situation in Las Vegas. A trade isn't necessarily likely, but it's not impossible either and if Adams is making any sort of similar noise behind the scenes to try to force his way out the odds he's moved go up a tick.

So naturally, the Raiders let it out via ESPN's Adam Schefter that they have told teams they are not trading Adams.

The Las Vegas Raiders have informed teams around the NFL that they are not trading Davante Adams before the Oct. 31 deadline, regardless of how unhappy the star receiver is with the offense, league sources told ESPN.
The Raiders have made it clear to teams that they are not interested in moving on from Adams, even if the All-Pro is open to a trade, according to sources. Adams signed a five-year deal with Las Vegas in 2022 and was intended to be one of the centerpieces of Raiders coach Josh McDaniels' offense."

That reads like it was written by the Raiders' PR team, and at times reporters like Schefter are nothing more than a vehicle to get a certain message out. Basically saying "we don't care if he's not happy here, he's stuck with us", not once but twice, is hilarious and such a Raiders' thing to do.

But any team interested in Adams, could easily make an offer the Raiders will have to prove they wouldn't take. Their little message about not trading him can be construed as saying the asking price is higher than any offers they've gotten, and an effort to get potential suitors to up the ante.

Next Monday night's game against the Lions could be the last straw for the Raiders this year, if they're not already going to sell before the trade deadline.

The Lions' 2024 first-round pick is lined up to be late. So that feels like an easy price of doing business in any kind of big trade, and it's the starting point in any offer for Adams. Add another pick or two, or a pick and a player, and the Raiders would have to pay attention.

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