5 all-in trades the Detroit Lions could make before the deadline

The Detroit Lions are buyers heading into the trade deadline, as much they may even be, and here are five "all-in" trades they could make before next Tuesday.
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The Detroit Lions suffered a humbling loss to the Baltimore Ravens in Week 7, and there are more and harsher words to describe it than that. Head coach Dan Campbell bluntly suggested it was a needed reset moment for the team, and he's probably not wrong. It's also fair to say the Ravens are a bad matchup, on both sides of the ball, for these Lions.

Campbell has said multiple times lately that he and general manager Brad Holmes are in lockstep regarding what will or won't be done at the trade deadline. No one is going to say anything definite publicly, but on 97.1 The Ticket Tuesday morning the Lions' head coach was clear he doesn't want to upset the chemistry of the team.

"I know he’s going through a lot of things and when it becomes serious, he’ll bring it to me," Campbell said. "But right now, I’m concerned with the guys we have in this building and getting them right. And I’m also concerned with chemistry. I don’t ever want to do anything that’s going to mess the chemistry of this team up, either, because we got the right guys here right now."
"But it also can’t be something that’s going to mess with what we got going on here. He’s mindful of that, and I appreciate that about him. He knows what I’m talking about, what we’re about and we’re not going to mess with the vibe of this team. If I really felt that way, there’s no talent that’s worth that."

This is not a revelation from Campbell. He and Holmes value fit in equal measure to talent, and they constantly profess it. No major move is made without that in mind, and it's the right idea in a broad sense. A trade won't be made over the next week just to make one and pacify those who think they need to.

That said, the Lions could get aggressive and make a bold move before the trade deadline next Tuesday afternoon.

On that front, here are five "all-in" trades the Lions could make before the deadline.

5 "all-in" trades the Detroit Lions could make before the deadline