4 moves the Detroit Lions can make to clear $40 million in salary cap space

The Lions are in fine shape cap-wise, but here's how they can add a lot more space.
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2. Extend Taylor Decker

Decker is entering the final year of his contract, and he has already made it clear what his future intentions are (via MLive).

"I definitely want to end my career here,” Decker said. “I would say ultimately, for me, this is where I want to be. Of course you want money, but for me, I like being here. I love being here. I was able to be a part of climbing out of the trenches of it, and it’s been fun the past year-and-a-half to see the flip side of it. Whatever happens with the contract, I don’t know. There’s been nothing of substance with (negotiations) so far. But ultimately, do I want to be here forever? One-hundred percent. So, we’ll see.”

It obviously will take two to tango if Decker, the longest-tenured player on the team, is going to be a Lion for his entire career. But it's safe to say the team would like to keep him around, with no drop-off in his play as he crosses into his 30s. It's frankly not easy to replace a good left tackle, and Decker should have plenty of good years left in his career.

A contract extension for Decker is certainly somewhere on the Lions' radar this offseason. Getting it done could clear $9.992 million in cap space.

2024 cap space tally: $20.092 million