4 free agents the Detroit Lions could still sign before the 2023 season starts

At this point the pickings are of course very slim, but here are four free agents the Detroit Lions could still sign before the 2023 season starts.
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Teddy Bridgewater
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2. QB Teddy Bridgewater

It's obvious, and true. The Lions reignited their interest in Bridgewater with a visit on July 24, which Dan Campbell called a medical evaluation as much as a sit-down with coaches. That a deal has not been done, after the Lions reportedly made a strong offer back in April, does not appear to be a Lions' issue. Bridgewater may simply want more than they will or should give him, so he's willing to wait them out pending how Nate Sudfled does in preseason games.

The Lions should broadly have their eye on possible backup quarterback options, one way or another and beyond Bridgewater until furter notice. But for some people, signing the former Vikings' first-round pick to be Jared Goff's backup may feel inevitable.

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1. K Robbie Gould

The Lions' current kicker battle between Riley Patterson and John Parker Romo appear to be tight as the second week of training camp comes to an end. Preseason games will be the next real test in the battle, and it has proven to be a separator the past two years. Patterson is a steadier kicker with more NFL experience, while Romo has a stronger leg he is learning to harness.

Gould has been easy (too easy?) to mention as a kicker upgrade for the Lions, even before Michael Badgley was released. His stated preferences (good weather/indoors, close to where he lives in Chicago?), along with an easily added presumption he'd like to kick for a good team, fuels the potential match.

The Lions appear to have a little bit of a blind spot at kicker (see Austin Seibert beating out Patterson last preseason), which could hurt them in higher stakes games this season. Gould is as steady and experienced as they come, and the fit in Detroit remains as long as he's available.