3 recently added Detroit Lions who are already cut candidates

These three players who have been added sometime this offseason are looking like likely cut candidates for the Lions.
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1. PK Jake Bates

Let's address the uncomfortable elephant in the room.

Some of the shine came off Bates over the course of the UFL season with the Michigan Panthers, but his leg strength was clear. The Lions followed through on easy to prescribe interest and signed him to a two-year deal when the UFL season was over, as he had interest from multiple other teams.

During a recent podcast appearance with John Maakaron of SI.com, Bates cited why he signed with the Lions and hit many of the notes you'd expect (good experience with Detroit football fans, the culture in the building at Allen Park).

Ultimately, for the second straight offseason, and no offense to Bates, the Lions don't appear serious about actually pushing or replacing Michael Badgley. In a broader sense, rooted in Dan Campbell's fourth down aggressiveness (which there's nothing wrong with), this regime doesn't seem to care who their kicker is. Badgley's rough track record on long range field goals outdoors may have had some impact on fourth down strategy in the NFC Championship Game, and still there's not been a serious effort to replace him.

Ideally, Bates will get an equal shot to win the Lions' kicking job with no proverbial thumbs on the scale for Badgley. But it's hard to assume that will be the case. Yes, Bates should have to win the job. But it feels like he won't be allowed many (if any) slip-ups during camp and preseason games, while Badgley will be allowed to toil like a boxer who lets his opponent wear himself out before doing just enough to win some rounds and get the decision.

So Bates gets the top spot on this unfortunate list, if only because the deck seems it'll be stacked unnecessarily against him in his quest to beat out Badgley.