3 position groups Detroit Lions could double dip on in the 2024 NFL Draft

As the Lions continue to accumulate talent via the draft, here are three positions they could double dip on this year.
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If he has said it once, he has said it 1,000 times. Brad Holmes approaches the draft without strict attachment to needs. What he's done in three drafts as Detroit Lions' general manager also worked very well, so why change?

Heading into the fourth draft with Holmes and head coach Dan Campbell leading the charge in Detroit, the "best player available" philosophy applies more than it ever has. The reigning NFC runner-ups have few holes. But looking toward the future, with some big contracts coming, keeping the pipeline of cheaper young talent full is very important.

The Lions have three of the first 75 picks in the 2024 draft right now. Barring any trade activity, they'll then have a long wait between the third round (pick No. 73) and the fifth round (pick No. 164). It's fair to assume that gap between picks will be filled, or at least there will be a strong attempt to fill it.

Wherever they are picking over the three days of draft proceedings in Detroit, here are three positions the Lions could double-dip on in the 2024 draft.

3 position groups the Lions could double dip on in the 2024 NFL Draft

3. Edge Rusher

It's not breaking news that the Lions pass rush was severely lacking for a big chunk of last season, particularly with a lot of production from Aidan Hutchinson and little else off the edge. A healthy James Houston will be helpful, and if free agent signing Marcus Davenport can stay on the field he should be helpful to the cause too.

But it's hard to fully count on either Houston and Davenport being healthy, consistent and/or impactful. If only to add someone who can be a part of the rotation, and maybe far more down the road, the Lions feel sure to come out of next week's draft with an edge rusher. If the board falls that way, coming away with two is not out of the question.