3 New England Patriots players the Detroit Lions could trade for before the deadline

The "Patriot Way" is permanently behind them, but these three current Patriots' players could very well be on the Detroit Lions' radar before Tuesday's trade deadline.
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Any mention of the New England Patriots probably makes Detroit Lions fans want to throw up, even now. Former head coach Matt Patricia and former general manager Bob Quinn, owing to their roots in New England, tried to bring the "Patriot Way" to Detroit.

They were not successful of course, which doesn't make them unique among people who have worked under or around Bill Belichick. Though it could be said Patricia was uniquely inept and arrogant as a head coach, and it still feels like his tenure was much longer than 43 games.

The Patriots sit at 2-5 this season, and 2-6 feels fairly certain after Sunday's game against the Miami Dolphins (though it was fair to assume they'd lose to the Buffalo Bills in Week 7, and they won). In any case, Doug Kyed of the Boston Herald reported about week ago that the Patriots are "willing to listen" to offers. Players on expiring contracts would naturally be better trade candidates, but that might not be where the Patriots stop in terms of being willing to move someone.

The days of feeling like Belichick knew better than everyone else and would ultimately fleece you in a trade are gone, practically long gone now in Year 4 post-Tom Brady. So no team should be afraid to engage the Patriots in trade talks, and they've made sure to get it out there that they're ready to do business.

So let's leave aside our distaste for the "Patriot Way" and consider which 2023 Patriots players could (should?) appeal to the Lions as the time before the trade deadline starts to be measured in hours.

3 New England Patriot players who should be on the Detroit Lions radar at the trade deadline