3 Detroit Lions players who benefit most from shocking Ben Johnson decision

After Ben Johnson's decision to stay on as Detroit Lions offensive coordinator again, these three players will benefit the most.
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1. QB Jared Goff

A background question (and concern) in the conversation regarding the Lions signing Goff to a multi-year contract extension is and will continue to be...

"But what will he do without Ben Johnson as his offensive coordinator?"

It's a valid concern, with how in concert the two are. Especially when contrasted against how Goff's relationship with Sean McVay clearly deteriorated toward the end of his time with the Rams.

That concern can now be postponed one more year. Goff continues to talk about how Johnson empowers him and gives other offensive players input into the weekly game plan, and in Goff's case the result speak for themselves. For most of the past two seasons with Johnson as the play caller, he is arguably playing better than he ever has in his career, including a lengthy interception-less pass attempt streak that extended from 2022 into this season.

That run together has made it a moot point that Goff is getting a contract extension from the Lions, and quickly made Johnson a top head coaching candidate.

After he decided to stay in Detroit a year ago, Johnson cited his relationship with Goff as a big reason why he stayed.

"He’s (Goff) one of the biggest reasons why I didn’t want to leave,” “I feel we are tied together to a degree. He’s an extension of me, and I’m an extension of him. I’ve told him multiple times his success is my success and vice versa.”"

The quarterback/play caller relationship cannot be understated. If it's bad, a team's offense stands to struggle often. If the two are on the same page, and the coach values the relationship as well as the quarterback's input as Johnson clearly has, it can be quite good and beneficial to everyone.

Goff is the easy No. 1 on this list among players who will benefit most from Johnson's decision to stay in Detroit for one more year. The synergy between the two will not be broken up just yet.


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