3 Denver Broncos players the Detroit Lions could have interest in trading for before the deadline

As the season heads in the wrong direction for the Denver Broncos, even after a win Sunday, these three players could be of particular interest to the Detroit Lions moving toward the trade deadline.
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If there's a lower point to get to after giving up 70 points to the Miami Dolphins in Week 3, the Denver Broncos almost got there. On Sunday, they came back and escaped with a 31-28 win over the all-around mess that is the Chicago Bears.

Even if they somehow managed to turn things around against more competent football teams, the Broncos have an uphill climb ahead of them. Two of their next four games are against the Kansas City Chiefs, and after nearly losing to the Bears the New York Jets (Week 5) or Green Bay Packers (Week 7) can't be marked confidently as wins. So 1-3 could be as bad as 1-7 by the Oct. 31 trade deadline, and 3-5 looks like the best-case scenario.

The Broncos should still be moving toward sell mode between now and the trade deadline, with an eye on the future. Anyone who is without a contract for next season, has a palatable out in a contract that goes beyond this season or is in line for a reduced role the rest of this season is in play to be dealt to a legit contending team.

At 3-1, the Detroit Lions are among those teams who can fancy themselves as a contender. Their next two games look very winnable (Carolina Panthers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers), followed by a tough road game against the Baltimore Ravens in Week 7. Then comes another incredibly winnable game against the Las Vegas Raiders in Week 8, the night before the trade deadline.

With the Broncos looking to be sellers even after the positive vibes of a win, these three players could be of particular interest to the Lions.

3 Denver Broncos players the Detroit Lions could trade for before the deadline