Detroit Lions pre-free agency 7-round 2023 mock draft

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As the start of free agency looms, here’s a full, seven-round 2023 mock draft for the Detroit Lions.

We knew the general vicinity of where the Detroit Lions would have their 2023 draft picks, but with the league doling out compensatory picks this past week we now know for sure.

As of right now, heading into the start of free agency, here’s where the Lions’ eight 2023 draft picks sit in the order.

First Round: No. 6 (via Los Angeles Rams)
First Round: No. 18
Second Round: No. 48
Second Round: No. 55 (via Minnesota Vikings)
Third Round: No. 81
Fifth Round: No. 152
Sixth Round: No. 183 (via Denver Broncos)
Sixth Round: No. 194

Four of the first 55 picks is an enviable position to be in, and the Lions are in great spot to add more top-end young talent. General manager Brad Holmes has what he needs to keep building through the draft, no doubt about it.

Free agency may naturally alter the Lions priorities in the draft, but shy of a notable splash or two the broader draft plan won’t be strayed from too much. Positions of need will remain positions of need to some degree, if not now then with an eye on the future.

As the frenzy of free agency approaches, here’s a new seven-round 2023 mock draft for the Detroit Lions.

Note: I used Pro Football Network’s draft simulator for this mock. You can do a mock of your own via their simulator.

Detroit Lions 7-round pre-free agency 2023 mock draft

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