3 combinations for the Detroit Lions two 2023 first-round picks

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The Detroit Lions once again have two first-round picks in this year’s draft, and here are three potential combinations that would work well.

In the 2022 NFL Draft, the Lions took defensive end Aidan Hutchinson second overall and traded up to No. 12 overall to draft wide receiver Jameson Williams. Hutchinson was as advertised as a rookie, leading the Lions with 9.5 sacks and showing all-around progress as the season went on.

Williams did not play until Week 13 as he worked his way back from a torn ACL, but he showed flashes of the speed and athleticism that had him so well-regarded as a draft prospect after a big final college season at Alabama. His first NFL reception went for a 41-yard touchdown, and he had a 40-yard run in Week 17.

The Lions will have two first-round picks again the 2023 draft, as the last return of the Matthew Stafford trade with the Los Angeles Rams. Their own pick landed at No. 18 overall, while the Rams’ disaster of a Super Bowl follow-up this year landed the No. 6 overall pick for Detroit.

So the Lions have a significant opportunity to add talent to a team that pushed for a playoff spot this year. Let’s take a look at three different draft combinations they could have to add to a potential playoff roster next year.

3 potential combinations for the Detroit Lions 2023 first-round picks