Top 5 quarterbacks on the Detroit Lions schedule in 2022

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As the Detroit Lions enter a season backed by buzz and promise of better things to come, here are the five best quarterbacks they’ll face in 2022.

The Detroit Lions had a top-end quarterback for years in Matthew Stafford. But as they headed into a rebuild he asked to be traded last offseason, and the Lions sent him to the Los Angeles Rams in a trade that brought Jared Goff in return.

The Lions are looking for their next top-end signal caller, and it may come in the 2023 draft since they’ll have two first-round picks again. In the meantime, they’ve seen how Stafford made a difference with the Rams last year. It’s a rare team that wins at a high level without a top quarterback, and the Lions won’t reach their highest ceiling without one.

The Lions will face some lower-end/less-proven quarterbacks on their schedule this year. But they will face plenty of good ones too, to challenge a defense that’s trying to get better under the guidance of Aaron Glenn. With the test for the defense will also come a glimpse at what they’re seeking under center.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 quarterbacks on the Lions schedule this season.

Top 5 quarterbacks on the Detroit Lions 2022 schedule