Some NFL people have apparently forgotten how good Frank Ragnow is

Frank Ragnow, Detroit Lions (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Frank Ragnow, Detroit Lions (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /

Frank Ragnow was a Pro Bowler in 2020 and on an early track to the honor again last year, but a sampling of NFL people apparently have forgotten how good he is.

In just his second full season at the position, Detroit Lions center Frank Ragnow earned a Pro Bowl selection in 2020. Then, at least by Pro Football Focus grade, he was off to a better start last year (86.7 through four games; 80.3 in 2020).

But Ragnow missed the final 13 games last season with a toe injury. Even so, PFF ranked him as the third-best center in the league and Pro Football Network ranked him as the eighth-best interior offensive lineman in the league as the 2022 season approaches.

So it was not “out of sight, out of mind” for some analysts. Some analysts…

A sampling of NFL people have forgotten how good Frank Ragnow is

As ESPN goes through their 2022 NFL position rankings, leaning on executives, players and coaches in the league to formulate the lists, they’ve now landed on interior offensive lineman (subscription required).

Last year, coming off that Pro Bowl nod of course, the same ESPN ranking had Ragnow as the No.1 center and the fourth-best interior offensive lineman in the league. So he’s being penalized for missing so many games last year, which could be expected, and even without that playing for the Lions is generally not helpful to getting noticed.

But supposed “football people” should remember how good a player Ragnow is, legitimately one of the NFL’s best centers when healthy, while also remembering he’s just 26 years old. Last year’s injury should not have a dramatic impact on his effectiveness, or getting it back actually.

Ragnow did get an honorable mention in the ranking. Credit to Pride of Detroit for the passage, a quote from an anonymous NFC scout.

"You can do just about anything with him as an offense. He can run the show up front, and he’s athletic and versatile to get on the move and play in space.”"

The three centers who made the list above Ragnow were Ryan Jensen (Buccaneers), Jason Kelce (Eagles) and Corey Linsley (Chargers), who are very good but also over 30 years old.

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