Detroit Lions have a very favorable-looking 2022 schedule

The Detroit Lions schedule for the 2022 season will come out Thursday night, but we do know it’s a favorable-looking slate for them.

We know who the Detroit Lions will play during the 2022 regular season, and also that they will travel the second-fewest miles in the league with no trips significantly west like last year. On Thursday night, the full NFL regular season schedule release is coming Thursday night, so when the Lions and the other 31 teams will have their games will be known across the board.

The Lions had the sixth-toughest schedule in the NFL in 2021, with a combined opponents’ record of 143-127-2 in 2020 (h/t to In 2022, their combined opponents’ record from 2021 is 135-154.

In no particular order:

Minnesota Vikings (twice): 8-9 in 2021
Green Bay Packers (twice: 13-3 in 2021
Chicago Bears (twice): 6-11 in 2021
Seattle Seahawks: 7-10 in 2021
Carolina Panthers: 5-12 in 2021
New York Giants: 4-13 in 2021
New York Jets: 4-13 in 2021
New England Patriots: 10-7 in 2021
Buffalo Bills: 11-6 in 2021
Dallas Cowboys: 12-5 in 2021
Philadelphia Eagles: 9-8 in 2021
Washington Commanders: 7-10 in 2021
Miami Dolphins: 9-8 in 2021
Jacksonville Jaguars: 3-14 in 2021

Detroit Lions schedule is fifth-easiest in the league

With a .467 opponents’ win percentage from 2021, the Lions have the fifth-weakest 2022 schedule in the NFL. They will face five playoff teams from last year, covering six games.

Strength of schedule based solely on last year’s results is something some (including me) like to avoid putting any real weight in for fantasy football. The same could apply to general strength of schedule. Teams change, as in get worse and better, making the next season difficult to predict as a whole. But that won’t stop anyone from trying.

All that said, the Lions are on a upward track and the 2022 schedule looks easier in in terms of opponents and travel compared to 2021. So a push toward 7-9 wins is possible, with many early betting win total over/unders not quite that optimistic.