ESPN’s Bill Barnwell outlines three trade up possibilities for Detroit Lions

Lions GM Brad Holmes speaks to the media on Tuesday, Jan.11, 2022, in Allen Park.Lions
Lions GM Brad Holmes speaks to the media on Tuesday, Jan.11, 2022, in Allen Park.Lions /

The Detroit Lions may trade up in the 2022 NFL Draft, and ESPN’s Bill Barnwell has three potential scenarios.

If the Detroit Lions stand pat, now with eight picks in the 2022 NFL Draft, they’re in a good spot to add more young talent to the equation. But a trade up lingers as a possibility, among many options in this draft, if there’s someone they like enough.

ESPN’s Bill Barnwell has come out with a first-round 2022 mock draft comprised entirely of trades, which he acknowledged as an invitation for people to “be mad online.” And of course, people will take the invitation.

Of course there is no chance all of the first 32 picks are swapped around in trades. But there will surely be some deals made in the opening round, and Barnwell may even hit on a couple.

Barnwell had three trade scenarios that involved the Lions, and all three happened to be trades up. Let’s take a look.

3 trade up scenarios in the 2022 NFL Draft for the Detroit Lions

Starting with the Lions at No. 2, here’s Barnwell’s deal for the pick.

"Lions get: 1-1Jaguars get: 1-2, 2-34, 2023 fourth-round pick"

This deal is on the premise the Lions would jump the Jaguars and get Michigan defensive end Aidan Hutchinson. Barnwell’s proposal is along the lines of what the draft value charts suggest, the question is if the Lions believe they can just get Hutchinson at No. 2.  All in all, this one feels unlikely–and the Jaguars may not entertain it.

At pick No. 17, which the Los Angeles Chargers hold, another deal involving the Lions.

"Chargers get: 1-32, 2-34Lions get: 1-17, 3-79"

The Lions would most likely jump from 32 to 17 in pursuit of a quarterback or a wide receiver, with the 34th overall pick as collateral. Of the three deals in Barnwell’s exercise, this one seems the most likely.

Down at their second first-round pick, No. 32, the Lions trade up again.

"Lions get: 1-14, 4-141Ravens get: 1-32, 2-34"

Barnwell’s premise is rooted in the Lions trading up for a wide receiver, and he named Ohio State’s Chris Olave as the target to move up for. Picks 32 and 34 will offer some options in another deep receiver class, and getting an added fourth-round pick from the Ravens (they currently don’t have a fourth-round pick in this draft) isn’t enough to justify giving up both to do this deal.

Nothing should be totally off the table for the Lions in this draft, and something unexpected may happen. At least two of these three trades would be that unexpected something.

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