4 teams who could make an offer Detroit Lions can’t refuse for the No. 2 pick

Lions GM Brad Holmes speaks to the media on Tuesday, Jan.11, 2022, in Allen Park.Lions
Lions GM Brad Holmes speaks to the media on Tuesday, Jan.11, 2022, in Allen Park.Lions /
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Credit: Michael Hickey/Getty Images
Credit: Michael Hickey/Getty Images /

4. Philadelphia Eagles-Three First-Round Picks

It seems the Eagles believe in quarterback Jalen Hurts, at least for his year. But they may find themselves in the quarterback market, via free agency or the draft, next year. They have three first-round picks this year to foster moves around the board (No. 15, No. 16 and No. 19), and for better or worse general manager Howie Roseman is not afraid to make deals.

It’s a huge hypothetical, but there may be someone the Eagles highly covet that will never reach them in the middle of the first round. So a bold move up, not unlike what they did to get Carson Wentz back in 2016, could be an order. Except this time, it might not necessarily be for a quarterback.

In an alternate universe that can’t be ruled out, maybe Roseman acquires the No. 2 overall pick before the draft and opens it up to trade offers when (or before) the Eagles go on the clock. Holmes will have to be keenly aware of possibly being that kind of enabler, but Philadelphia has the draft capital to get his attention.

Hypothetical trade:

Lions get: No. 15 overall (2022), No. 19 overall (2022), No. 51 overall (2022), 2023 second-round pick, 2023 third-round pick
Eagles get: No. 2 overall (2022), Fourth-round pick (2023 or 2024)

3. Atlanta Falcons, No. 8 overall

The Falcons are in state of transition, after failing to get Deshaun Watson and ultimately trading Matt Ryan to the Indianapolis Colts as a residual of that. The eighth overall pick puts them in position to get someone like Willis as the quarterback of the future, or take a wide receiver to fill that significant void on their roster.

But it’s not out of the question for Atlanta to consider a move up to No. 2, likely to get Willis if they regard him that highly. But in some respect, the Falcons could want to move up for just about anyone (regardless of position) who they think won’t get to them at No. 8 and they’d not be wrong to consider it. Maybe they want Aidan Hutchinson that badly, if he’s there at No. 2, and the Lions are willing to pass on the University of Michigan product themselves.

Hypothetical trade:
Lions get: No. 8 overall (2022), DT Grady Jarrett, third-round pick (No. 74 overall, 2022), 2023 second-round pick, future third or fourth-round pick
Falcons get: No. 2 overall (2022), DE Michael Brockers