4 Detroit Lions who don’t deserve another season with the team in 2022

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Trinity Benson, Detroit Lions
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4. WR Trinity Benson

No matter what general manager Brad Holmes says about Benson’s latent potential, and some of it is well-founded as he was acquired from the Broncos late last preseason and had to learn a new environment on the fly, he is on the roster bubble and it’s not even March as of this writing.

Benson played in just two games after the Lions’ Week 9 bye last season. While he did play a fair amount in those games (48 snaps and at least a 68 percent snap share in each), being inactive for games when the Lions weren’t exactly fielding the 2021 equivalent of whatever classic group of talented wide receivers you’d like to reference by nickname (I like “The Three Amigos” for some reason) is a red flag.

As the Lions look to add multiple wide receivers this offseason, someone (or multiple someones) will be a proverbial odd-man out. Benson already looks like he’ll be gone, and if his supposed promise is realized it’s going to be elsewhere.