Taylor Decker details injury and calls out ‘negative’ narrative in one fair swoop

Credit: Detroit Free Press-USA TODAY Sports
Credit: Detroit Free Press-USA TODAY Sports /

Taylor Decker made his season debut on Sunday, and on Monday he unburdened his mind.

Detroit Lions left tackle Taylor Decker made his 2021 season debut on Sunday, and it showed most in the performance of the ground game against the Steelers (229 yards; 5.9 yards per attempt). The Lions finally had the offensive line bookends they intended, as Penei Sewell also had an excellent performance.

Decker spoke the media on Monday. He gave some details about his finger injury and the subsequent surgery, then went in on some narratives he had heard around his name.

Taylor Decker had rabbit ears to some things that were out there, real or imagined

To be fair, trade speculation around Decker or the idea Sewell should not be moved to right tackle to accomodate him keeping his left tackle post was not a reach or to be dismissed as a hot take. Beat writers weren’t diving into it, but that doesn’t mean anything. As for questioning how quickly he returned, or questioning his desire to return as quickly as possible, Decker seems to be manufacturing that narrative for reasons only he knows. Whatever motivates you I guess, even it’s people sending you things.

The best quote from Decker’s Monday diatribe, passed along by Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, is “people in the building like me.” The quotes Justin Rogers of the Detroit News showed suggest Decker said people within in the building “appreciate” him. Either way, ok Stuart Smalley.

The “people in the building” for the Lions right now are people who didn’t draft Decker, and are starting a rebuild. That means older players with higher salaries who have value can be traded, and Decker fits that bill whether he likes it or not.

Decker is a good player, and the Lions are definitely glad to have him back. And truly, his honesty is and always will be welcome when the alternative is canned answers and no passion. But to dismiss certain things that were out there as “bullshit” and “negativity”, and also invent the question about the length of his absence based on what could only be social media trolls, are reaches that deserve calling out.

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