Where does Brad Holmes rank among Detroit’s general managers?

Detroit Lions general manager Brad Holmes (Junfu Han, Detroit Free Press Syndication)
Detroit Lions general manager Brad Holmes (Junfu Han, Detroit Free Press Syndication) /
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Steve Yzerman, Detroit Red Wings (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Steve Yzerman, Detroit Red Wings (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /

Brad Holmes isn’t chopped liver

4) Al Avila, Detroit Tigers

This wasn’t too surprising. I think almost hands down the whole city of Detroit would rank Tigers general manager Al Avila in the basement.

For most fans, Avila is seen as nothing more than the guy who happened to be lucky enough to be sitting in the assistant’s seat when Mike Ilitch dismissed former general manager Dave Dombrowski.

The biggest knock against him is that he has very little to show for all the players he has traded away. The latest straw that drove the fans crazy was when Avila passed on high school shortstop Marcelo Mayer who many considered the top prospect in the MLB draft last Sunday to select another high school phenom, pitcher Jackson Jobe.

Sorry, Al, but you’ve become used to being in the cellar with the Tigers anyway.

3) Brad Holmes, Detroit Lions

Coming in third on the list is the Lions’ Brad Holmes. The fans have high hopes for what he can do for this long-lost franchise, but we haven’t even seen this team in action yet. Yes, it is expected that the Honolulu Blue and Silver won’t win too many games, but at this stage of rebuilding it’s all about progress. How much will they make this year?

Not bad for the Lions’ first-time general manager, but there is a reason he is third.

2) Troy Weaver, Detroit Pistons

Second is the Pistons Troy Weaver. In one offseason he completely changed the face of the franchise making it young and athletic. Having won the NBA draft lottery last month gives Weaver the chance to select Cade Cunningham who many consider a franchise player. It would seem that Weaver’s Pistons will be the first of Detroit’s rebuilding teams to return to the playoffs.

However, there was still one man who ranked ahead of Weaver.

1) Steve Yzerman, Detroit Red Wings

Topping the list is Steve Yzerman. The former Red Wing is in the process of trying to turn the franchise he loves into champions again. Let’s be honest, the fanbase completely trusts Stevie based on his blood, sweat, and leadership as a player here in Motown. When we also add in the heights the Tampa Bay Lightning, a team he built, have risen to while winning two straight Stanley Cups, fans have little doubt he will do the same here.

So there are reasons that Brad Holmes isn’t at the top of the list, but that doesn’t mean he’s chopped liver.