Detroit Lions 2021 NFL Draft; And the envelope says…

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports /
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Rashod Bateman, Minnesota (Photo by Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports)
Rashod Bateman, Minnesota (Photo by Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports) /

It’s your move, Brad Holmes

At this point, all that’s left is seeing the board when the Lions are on the clock. That is what all the draft preparation leading up to that moment was for.

Read the situation when the Lions get on the clock and make the move that will be in the best interest of Detroit two years from now.

Despite some dreamers that want to believe it will happen overnight, this will be a process. Campbell will be bent on getting every win he can next season, but without a deep talent pool to work from, it can almost be guaranteed the outcome won’t be the playoffs.

So the move Detroit engineers in the first round will set up the Lions future. Therefore this should not be a short-sighted selection. It should be the first domino being positioned to set up the moves that naturally follow.

With that said, what will Brad Holmes do?

I don’t believe it will be a short-sighted selection. I would be surprised if Holmes nabs one of the receivers or Kyle Pitts. Those are luxury picks. The Lions have no luxury to make a luxury pick.

If Sowell is available then making that selection wouldn’t be the worst move in the world. I also wouldn’t be completely surprised if they decided to jump-start the defense with Parsons.

However, my gut feeling is none of the above.

If the quarterback of their choice is on the board, then I wouldn’t be surprised to see Holmes take him. But considering how quickly I believe the passers will go, I would have to say that I think the most likely scenario is that the Lions will trade down.

Acquiring more draft assets would be in the Lions’ favor. Not only for this year, but in the following years. Look at the Miami Dolphins. They were ahead of schedule last season yet they still possess plenty of draft capital.

That should be the Lions’ goal, to add as many draft assets as possible. The Lions could trade back still get a receiver like Rashod Bateman of Minnesota who would absolutely look great in Honolulu Blue and Silver and add draft assets.

The draft is the big leagues. Those who excel at it build winners. Teams like the Lions who have always had trouble with the concept of winning the draft instead of just trying to pull out a big name to pacify the fans, end up always losing in the end.

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Brad Holmes will do what he thinks is in the Detroit Lions’ best interest. Especially down the road. Being smart with your poker hand and aggressive when the time is right, would go a long way towards the goal of building a championship team.

That challenge is now before the Lions’ new regime. All that’s left is to see is if they actually take the bull by the horns, and what they do with it. It’s your move now Brad.