Should the Detroit Lions add to one of their few strengths in the draft?

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Justin Fields, Ohio State Buckeyes (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Justin Fields, Ohio State Buckeyes (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

The Lions could go several directions at number seven

The Lions are a team filled with holes like a block of swiss cheese. There is virtually no wrong direction that Brad Holmes can go. However, the strong sentiment is to find a player that will help strengthen a weakness.

The first possibility that has to be considered is quarterback. There are a handful of passers that could go in the top 10 picks. The best of the best like Trever Lawrence and Zach Wilson are expected to go early. Then there is Trey Lance and Justin Fields who both have the possibility of being gone or still on the board when the Lions are on the clock.

Basic draft 101 is that if a franchise quarterback is available and you’re sold on him, then you select him. Damn the torpedoes and make the pick. No position is more important.

However, if you are not sold on any passers that are available, then the true work begins.

First-round picks, especially top 10 picks are expected to contribute immediately unless it’s a quarterback who can be seasoned on the bench for a while before being tossed into the fray.

Any other player better be in the lineup or at least seeing action frequently and contributing or else the pick hinders the development of the team.

This is why it’s so important to get those first-round picks right. Holmes’ track record of contributing to the Rams draft has been successful. Senior assistant John Dorsey has a proven track record in the draft as well.

The hope is they are bringing that success with them to the Motor City.

So barring the pick becoming a passer who is the best player to take at number seven overall? Penn State linebacker Micah Parsons was a dynamite player who could help a weakness. You could take your pick of the top receivers. Any of them would upgrade the passing game.

Despite the fact no one wants to see the Lions select a tight end, Kyle Pitts is a weapon. As a matter of fact, he can even line up in the slot and create mismatches. Truth be told, he may even have better hands than any of the top receivers in this draft class.

There are several directions to go, but what if the Lions select one of the most dynamic players in the draft despite the fact he isn’t on their list of needs?