Lions fans that leave with Matthew Stafford will return

Detroit Lions fan (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)
Detroit Lions fan (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images) /
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Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)
Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images) /

The Detroit Lions and their franchise quarterback of 12 seasons, Matthew Stafford, have an agreement in principle to their divorce. Now the Lions’ all-time leading passer and many local fans are jumping ship to Los Angeles.

It’s a complete rebuild that is completely needed. However, many fans just can’t understand why it was important to allow Matthew, who understandingly requested this trade, to be Sean McVay’s new starting quarterback.

Some fans just don’t understand how this trade can be rationalized so easily. Let’s cut to the brass taxes; What good would it have done to keep Matthew captive, when he clearly wanted to play for a contender?

The Lions defense needs to be built from the ground up. Until it’s decent, which will probably take at least two years, most likely more, the Lions weren’t going to challenge for anything regardless of Matthew’s abilities if he had wanted to stay.

For anyone who challenges that last statement, just refer to the last 12 years to see how not having a good team around Matthew has worked out. Stafford deserves to play for a winner that would give him an opportunity to legitimately chase after a ring. Enter the Rams.

Is it sad to see him go? Yes, but is this trade is in the best interest of Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions? Yes.

This is not a short-sighted move. This is an ‘open the window’ to create an opportunity to eventually contend move. This is a build it right from scratch move. If it doesn’t end in a Super Bowl ring, will it be the wrong move? No. Because simply put; Matthew was ready to move on and the timing was right.

Too many fans take it personally when someone says, ‘it hasn’t worked with Stafford and it’s time to go a new direction’. This is not a shot at Matthew, it’s a statement of fact. The biggest reason it hasn’t worked is because the Lions have been the Lions.

So while Matthew hasn’t always been perfect, he has been plenty good enough to help make a good team a contender. The Lions haven’t been even close to being a good team.

Poor rosters, poor coaching, and poor ownership have combined to create an abysmal franchise. It’s time to completely re-set this organization and for those fans who will follow Stafford to Los Angeles and leave the Lions in their dust, I got news for you; if you think it doesn’t get any better than seeing Matthew in Honolulu Blue and Silver, it does.