The Detroit Lions are on a journey to a completely new era

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Dan Campbell, Miami Dolphins (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)
Dan Campbell, Miami Dolphins (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images) /

Results won’t be measured in wins and losses next season

Now is the hard part. Putting all these front office and coaching pieces together in a state of kumbaya-like harmony and finding the talent needed to build a winner.

Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell will have to share a healthy vision of the direction that they want the Lions to go as well as how to get there. Holmes will have to make good on his reputation to find talent along with some help from Dorsey and Agnew.

As for Campbell himself, outside of biting off knee caps, he will have to be a leader. He will be the one mainly responsible for changing the locker room culture and building a brand new path for the Lions without Matthew Stafford.

Dan Campbell rode into town as a free spirit who has leadership skills and a vision of what he thinks a team needs to do to be successful. Campbell is like the personification of the Marlboro man combined with the Big Lebowski. Is it any wonder the nameplate on his office says; ‘Dan Campbell, Head coach/the Dude’

Campbell’s passionate introductory speech drew attention nationally. Almost more so than the changing of the guard at the White House. It was interesting to see the feedback.

Most Lions fans immediately bought into the Kool-aid. Dan Campbell’s words spoke to them and it resonated within the breasts of those fans of the Honolulu Blue and Silver. The most popular reaction on Twitter was Gif’s depicting people running through walls.

So for the city of Detroit, yeah, he basically nailed it.

The next step is creating a winning locker room culture his players buy in to. Then as he establishes a course, his assistants will have to be good at teaching. They will need to bring diverse schemes to the table.

On offense, they will have to run the ball and at least have a diverse passing concept that gives it a chance against opposing defenses. Meanwhile, the Lions’ defense will need to be more aggressive and willing to attack their opponents’ offenses.

They will be undermanned on both sides of the ball next year, so even during what will be a poor season, execution will be a priority. If they execute well, but just aren’t talented enough to capitalize, that’s fine because results won’t be measured in wins and losses next season.