Should the Lions use all their 2021 draft picks on the defense?

Detroit Lions defense - Mandatory Credit: Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports
Detroit Lions defense - Mandatory Credit: Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports /

The 2021 Detroit Lions defense has a lot of adversity to overcome to not repeat the devastating 2020 season and with a new regime, it could be possible.

The 2020 Detroit Lions defense will go down in franchise history as the worst defense ever allowing 6,470 total yards on the season. This unsavory record is even worse than the 2008 winless Lions.

Matt Patricia, who was known as a “defensive genius” before his short head coaching stint with the Lions can take full ownership of that awful record. Patricia played a monumental role in destroying years of hard work to build the Lions into contenders, now they are almost back at square one.

However, let us move on from the disaster of a year, on and off-the-field. The Lions are picking in the top 10 for the third-straight year. A total rebuild is not necessary, nor is it feasible for the upcoming 2021 year as the Lions do not have the draft picks to build a whole new defense.

Detroit only has five picks as they traded away two 2021 picks. One was to get pass rusher Everson Griffen and the other was to get rid of safety Quandre Diggs in 2019.

All things considered; it is imperative that this new regime (whoever it may be) gets it right on year one. With only five picks in the draft, they have five very important decisions to make. Especially, as many already know, Detroit is not necessarily a free agent’s dream team, so building through the draft becomes even more important.

Hot take here, but each of those five draft picks should be used on the defensive side of the ball. It does not matter too much in the order they go, but it must be addressed this year.

First, maybe an edge rusher. Preferably, someone who can get to the opposing quarterback as fans have not seen that in years. Next, maybe a linebacker and then followed by another defensive lineman. Let us not forget the secondary could use some help too and then back to more linebackers and more lineman.

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All in all, regardless of who gets the general manager job and head coaching job, the defense is the sole focus this year. As long as the Lions have quarterback Matthew Stafford under center on the offensive side of the ball, nobody should be worried about that phase of the game. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out with the new regime, but everyone should remain hopeful!