What should the Detroit Lions do with Matthew Stafford?

Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports
Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports /

The Detroit Lions’ next general manager will have a hard decision to make right away

The Detroit Lions‘ season is now down to two games, which means it is time to start talking about offseason moves the team should or should not make. Outside of who the next general manager and next head coach will be, quarterback Matthew Stafford is the next big offseason question.

I don’t think this question should be about what the Lions want to do with Stafford. It should be more about what the new regime thinks they have.

If the new general manager and head coach feel this team can quickly make the playoffs, then you keep Stafford. However, if they’re four or five years away, they should focus on finding the next franchise quarterback.

We, the fans, love everything about Stafford. He plays through injuries, showing his toughness, he has taken the Lions to the playoffs three times, and maybe most importantly, he shows his love for us, this city, and this franchise.

The hard truth

The fact of the matter is, the Lions aren’t as close as we want them to be. It is obvious after watching this defense every Sunday that they’re multiple pieces away from being good.

On top of the defensive problems, the offensive line still needs some work and who knows what the new regime will do with wide receiver Kenny Golladay.

It’s unfortunate Stafford’s career has been wasted, especially because he is the best quarterback to ever wear the Honolulu blue, but it’s the truth and we need to accept that we need to move on.

How does this end?

I think the ending should be up the Matthew and not the Lions. I know that may shock you with what I have said so far, but hear me out. The new regime can tell Stafford that they’re going to start looking for their next franchise quarterback. He can choose to retire, stay, and mentor the new QB or ask for a trade after having that conversation.

Everyone knows how much Stafford loves his teammates here and loves this organization, so he might want to call the quits now and retire a Lion. He has gone through some injuries the last couple of years anyway. With young kids, it might be the best option for him.

Even if the Lions draft their quarterback of the future in the 2021 NFL Draft, chances are that player will not be ready to start week one of next season. Therefore, Stafford can mentor him and share all of the knowledge he has.

Lastly, the Pride can trade Stafford to a contender so he can have the chance to win something before he retires. I think a lot of fans would enjoy seeing him win in this league, even if it isn’t in the Motor City.

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All in all, the Detroit Lions have to understand that for the organization to start moving in the right direction, they have to let go of one of the best things that ever happened to them.