Detroit Lions: Don’t allow Matt Patricia to affect the next coaching hire

Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia (Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports)
Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia (Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Detroit Lions shouldn’t allow Matt Patricia to affect their choices

Once again, the Detroit Lions will hire a new coach in the offseason. There always seems to be a lot of chatter and difference in opinion on who that should be. One thing to keep in mind is not allowing ourselves to determine who we want based on former head coach Matt Patricia.

Recency bias has a stronger effect than we tend to realize. We’ll favor what has happened to us recently over historical evidence. Relating this to Detroit’s coaching search, some might want to stay away from a specific candidate or even advocate for one on false pretenses.

For example, one could say, “stay away from defensive coordinators because it didn’t work out for the Lions last time.” Another common want is to hire a college head coach instead of an up and coming coordinator as Patricia once was.

“No more New England Patriot ties!”. Well, what about Buffalo Bill’s offensive coordinator Brian Daboll? He spent multiple years on Patriots staff and is a top candidate for a head coaching job.

It goes both ways as well. Many fans call for San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh because he’s a player’s coach and his players love him. The opposite of Patricia. Now, before you assume, this isn’t meant to put ill-will on Saleh. He’s very promising and deserves a head coaching job in the NFL.

However, all that is trying to be said is to stay objective. Please focus on the coach and what he’s done, his philosophies, and his performances rather than his background. Frankly, it shouldn’t matter where he coached or if he’s defensive-minded or offensive-minded. The coach himself is what’s important.

In all honesty, I still support the idea of hiring a guy like Matt Patricia. Someone who is famously known as “a guru.” The Detroit Lions need a football mind, someone who has had success without having an overabundance in talent because he knows the sport inside and out.

Detroit will never be a free agent destination. It takes away a significant resource in team building. Having a general manager who has succeeded in the draft and a coach who has an ever-changing and adaptable scheme is the direction they should take.

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It didn’t work out for Matt Patricia because he couldn’t coach. No matter how smart he was, adding that with his players hating him, it wasn’t a good match. The idea of what Matt Patricia was supposed to be is still appealing and the Lions should consider that route.

It’s understandable if that’s hard to be on board with that. Although, try to keep an open mind.