Detroit Lions: Let’s be honest, this turkey is definitely done

Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia (Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports)
Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia (Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports) /
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P.J. Walker, Carolina Panthers (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)
P.J. Walker, Carolina Panthers (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images) /

It’s time for the Detroit Lions to explore a new direction.

The Detroit Lions have reached another low. I’m not sure if it’s that much worse than all those that have come before it, but I do know we are all tired of seeing the ‘same old Lions’.

Last Sunday’s 20-0 loss to the Carolina Panthers was embarrassing in every way possible. In his postgame press conference head coach, Matt Patricia talked about how he felt they were prepared for the game and like so many times before, couldn’t seem to understand what went wrong.

Oh, sure there were excuses that could be used. Both of the Lions’ top play-makers, Kenny Golladay and D’Andre Swift missed the game. Steady slot receiver Danny Amendola was out as well. And quite frankly the defense is horrible.

But is anyone else tired of the excuses? If a good team has to play a mediocre team like the Panthers they just take care of business even if they do have excuses as to why they could fall flat on their face.

The Lions seemed completely unprepared in Carolina, despite Matt Patricia’s beliefs they were ready. I think the whole game could be summed up by a fourth-quarter shot of Matthew Stafford on the sidelines. For anyone who could read lips, there was no mistaking how frustrated he was.

Quite honestly that could sum up this season and even this whole era of discontent. The promise that general manager Bob Quinn sold us when he named Matt Patricia the Lions head coach after dismissing Jim Caldwell because 9-7 wasn’t good enough has never come to fruition.

Is it all Matt Patricia’s fault? No, I think it’s safe to say that Quinn and Patricia are tied at the hip. Neither is particularly more guilty than the other, but the lack of play-makers that Bob Quinn has drafted going hand-in-hand with the inability of even seasoned veterans who played well in this defense in New England to produce here in Detroit is incriminating for both of them.