Detroit Lions: Should Bob Quinn be allowed to trade future assets?

Detroit Lions general manager Bob Quinn - Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Detroit Lions general manager Bob Quinn - Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /
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Detroit Lions, Martha Ford
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As the Detroit Lions try to meet their mandate to be in the playoff chase, should Bob Quinn be allowed to trade future assets to get help?

The Detroit Lions still have a chance to meet their mandate and be in the playoff chase. Perhaps with a couple of key additions, especially on defense, maybe they could actually make the playoffs.

General manager Bob Quinn and head coach Matt Patricia have been building this roster for the last two and a half years. The culmination of which was dominating a pathetic Jacksonville Jaguar team last weekend after losing three of their first four games.

Was that display of power against the equivalent of a pee-wee league team indicative of what’s to come? Considering all NFL teams aren’t created equal it’s hard to imagine that to be the case. Even with the change in defensive philosophy that worked so well in Jacksonville, Matt Patricia may still decide to go back to their usual game plan against the Falcons.

Despite the schedule now being in the Lions favor, we have seen them squander these opportunities before. Not to mention they have as yet to put together any kind of really solid run under Patricia.

So what can Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia do to try to stack the deck in their favor? The moves they made this offseason have shown only limited success so far and even with the opportunity that the schedule presents, taking advantage of opportunities like that has always been a problem for the Lions.

This may mean that Bob Quinn will have his eyes on November 3rd. Not for the dog and pony show we call the Presidential election, but to see what type of trade deadline deals he might be able to make.

If the truth is to be told, the acquisition of a couple of key defensive players really could put the Lions in a position to make a legitimate run at the playoffs. But the question that has to be considered is; at what cost?