Detroit Lions: What to look out for as the season progresses

Detroit Lions, Martha Ford - Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports
Detroit Lions, Martha Ford - Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports /

In the upcoming weeks, the Detroit Lions hit a soft spot in their schedule. Let’s talk about what to look out for as this season progresses.

The bye week is over and it’s time for the Detroit Lions to get back into action against the Jacksonville Jaguars this weekend.

Here are some things to consider while watching these next few weeks.

Next Three Games

Prepare for a world where the Lions win two out of their next three games. Facing the Jaguars, Atlanta Falcons, and Indianapolis Colts, Detroit finds their schedule favorable. If this is the case, expect head coach Matt Patricia to keep his job until the end of the season or close to it.

Going 2-1 in that span could make things seem like the team is on the right track. Ultimately, it would just mask the problems this current regime has.

The ladder of the two options would be the Lions losing to Jacksonville, pulling this team down the hole deeper. In this event, it’s doubtful Patricia keeps his job much longer. These next three games will determine how the Lions approach the trade deadline and how it effects the future of this team.

Trade Deadline

A main cause of concern is that this regime does hold their jobs through the trade deadline. It’s not ideal for general manager Bob Quinn to panic and trade for a big name, giving up valuable assets in doing so. Assets that will be needed if the organization heads towards a rebuild.

Let’s say Patricia and Quinn are fired sooner rather than later. This changes things. It’s unlikely that an interim GM is given the power to make a roster shaking move. However, there are some players who could be moved on from including wide receivers Marvin Jones and Danny Amendola, running back Adrian Peterson, and safety Duran Harmon.

The goal would be to get future draft picks or younger players in return. I’ll write more about trade scenarios when we get closer to the deadline.

Young Talent

In a world the majority of Lions fans want. We see rookie wideout Quintez Cephus, running back D’Andre Swift, and edge Julian Okwara become full time starters. Before hiring a new regime, it’s useful to see what they have in younger players. This way they can know the point of emphasis on players inherited.

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I know the future looks bleak, but there are interesting developments to keep an eye on this season. With a cushion in the schedule and Patricia’s job on the line, things are about to get somewhat crazy.