Detroit Lions: 3 reasons for fans to R-E-L-A-X

Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia - Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports
Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia - Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports /

Here are three reasons Detroit Lions fans should take a step back and RELAX after the slow start to this season.

It’s very easy to look at the negative and lose your positive outlook on the season after the Detroit Lions blow another double-digit lead and come out of the first four games with a 1-3 record.

But, here’s a note of positivity – three notes of positivity, actually. For those of you that aren’t ready to give up hope, read on for three reasons to lift your spirits.

1. These are unprecedented times

Man, never thought we’d hear that phrase so much in 2020. But it’s completely true. COVID-19 showed up and threw the season into a whirlwind. We never know which players will turn up with a sickness and cause games to be rescheduled, postponed or canceled altogether.

This might sound like an excuse, but nothing is routine right now. There were no joint practices with other teams and practice schedules were adjusted prior to the season kicking off. There were no preseason games to help get younger players acclimated to the NFL or new Detroit Lions teammates oriented to the system and scheme.

Simply put, there was no time to work out the kinks and no way to prepare for what might happen next week. In such uncertain times, some forgiveness should be allowed. Sure, every team needs to show up and play. Some teams are still putting it together and winning. Other teams are still struggling through it all. A normal offseason would have greatly benefited these struggling Lions.

2. Expectations vs reality

Be real – did anyone expect the Lions to go better than 2-2 out of the gate in 2020? The only game they should have won so far this year, when put up against expectations, was in Week 1 versus the Chicago Bears. Now, they’ve got a bigger hole to dig out of, but let’s not get carried away and think the season is lost.

The Lions had a tough schedule to start the season with no expectations that they would have a chance to beat the Packers in Green Bay or the New Orleans Saints with their powerful offense. The reality of the situation is that if these Detroit Lions won either of these games, it would have been a big sign of improvement and very unexpected. Without a normal offseason, an expectation of 2-2 was positive this far into the season.

3. The season is still very young

The season is far from over. Sure, it’s easy to get down and the Lions have a hole to dig themselves out of, but it’s not impossible. They’ve basically only played a preseason worth of game with their new players. Throw in a bye for Week 5 and the Detroit Lions are essentially starting the season over in Week 6.

While all coaches should have had their teams ready to compete and win games in Week 1, all you can do is stay positive knowing there are 12 more games to play and 12 more chances to improve as a team.

Lions head coach Matt Patricia’s seat is probably starting to get hot, but firing him now does nothing for the outlook of the rest of this season. There are 12 games left and the Lions have the ability to win some games and make the playoffs. It’s not a crazy idea if the team can come together and turn things around.

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It’s time to R-E-L-A-X

The season isn’t over. This team has proven they can score some points and take over a game when they need to. They haven’t shown they can close out a big lead, but that’s not something that can’t change. It’s not time to drown your sorrows after only four games. There’s still time for this team to start winning. There’s time to RELAX and stay positive … for now.