Detroit Lions: Who needs to have a breakout year next season?

Jarrad Davis, Detroit Lions (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)
Jarrad Davis, Detroit Lions (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) /
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T.J. Hockenson, Detroit Lions
T.J. Hockenson, Detroit Lions (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images) /

The Detroit Lions need to have a big bounce-back year. What veteran player needs to have a breakout season to help make a bounce-back possible?

The Detroit Lions are literally two months away from training camp, provided they start on time. If they don’t then there will probably be some form of virtual training to prepare the players for the shock of being outdoors with other athletes when camp does start.

General manager Bob Quinn and head coach Matt Patricia probably aren’t being done any favors by this virtual offseason. Yet circumstances are what they are and every team has to deal with the same problem.

When training camp does begin it will be the twofold aspect of having what is expected to be an improved roster and hopefully Matt Patricia being able to get the most out of his players, especially on defense, in order to give the Lions a chance to bounce-back with a competitive season.

Being a Lions fan and grasping for hope is usually a great way to get burned. But it’s also the only way to stay loyal to a franchise that has let its fans down more often than they’ve changed coaches.

The 2020 draft class has many players that will probably have opportunities to step up and get playing time. The success of these rookies will help tell the tale of the Lions success or failure next season.

Yet any team that has a successful season either is blessed with a stacked roster, great coaching, or break-out players that give the team the unexpected boost needed to make a big step forward. For the Lions, since they aren’t stacked as of now and the verdict is still out on Matt Patricia, it would seem that someone needs to step up, break-out, and give this team a boost.

So plain and simple the question is; what player needs to step up to give the Lions a chance to turn things around and be competitive?