Detroit Lions: Will the 2021 NFL Draft be more of a potluck?

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Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner
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Could a blindfolded draft be successful?

We are all waiting and watching for the return of professional sports. The continual talk about baseball returning this summer for an abbreviated schedule is promising. It could help pave the way for the NFL in the fall.

But while professional sports will be back eventually, what about college sports? It seems doubtful at this time that collegiate campuses will be welcoming back students this fall. If that is the case then college sports are in jeopardy.

And if collegiate sports are in jeopardy, that means there will be an unprecedented offseason next year for all professional sports. They will be trying to find the next great players without the benefit of actually having those players showcase their abilities.

Sure the virtual draft was a success and even refreshing, but what about a blindfolded draft? A draft where scouts have to project players without the benefit of seeing how they have progressed?

Now, the NFL does start scouting players pretty much from the minute they step on to the college campus. In many cases, they have even looked over some of the highest level players in high school. So it’s not like they don’t know who is out there and who they have their eyes on, but it makes for a ticklish situation when they’re not able to see progress or regression.

This is a situation that would not only make it difficult for the NFL but what about those college players that suddenly get their opportunity to shine. Every year there are players who are considered to be the best at their position and every year those lists change because of players that have played themselves into the spotlight.

This could really hurt many players with big dreams. It could also hurt teams who might select a highly regarded player only to find out they aren’t what they were envisioned to be. A scenario that happens every year, but it seems like it could be a little more common next year if the college season is scrapped.