Detroit Lions fans: The NFL draft is over, so what’s next?

Detroit Lions fans (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Detroit Lions fans (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /
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Jeff Okudah, Detroit Lions
Jeff Okudah, Ohio State (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

Last weekend the Detroit Lions and the rest of the NFL completed the draft. So what do the fans have to look forward to next?

The 2020 NFL Draft is in the books. If you listen to the pundits, the Detroit Lions and general manager Bob Quinn did a pretty good job. So now what’s next for sports hungry fans?

Life has been different for everyone in a way that no one has seen before. We’re living through history. Not that we haven’t been every other year of our life, but you get the idea.

Since all the federal and state mandates shut everything down, the only active ‘sport’ has been NFL free agency, which of course was followed by the draft. And we have all been looking at every mock draft we could get our hands-on.

But now the draft has come and gone. What are we anticipating next? I mean surely the answer is a return in some form of MLB baseball, the NBA playoffs or even the Stanley Cup playoffs. At one point or another, there will be live sports again. But when?

And if we go a step beyond that, the true football fans in a normal year will pacify themselves with the other three major sports, but they still focus on rookie mini-camp and O.T.A’s. They still count down to the kickoff of college football and of course the NFL season.

So while things are starting to have the appearance that sports will eventually be back this summer, the one thing that is definitely in doubt is the NFL offseason programs.

Instead of acclimating all the new toys each team has acquired in free agency or last weekends draft with one another and assimilating themselves into some semblance of a ‘functional’ machine before training camp, it could just be a messy mixture in a late training camp that could roll further into the season then we’re used to before it works itself out.