One last Detroit Lions mock draft before some NFL virtual reality

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2019 NFL Draft
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The Detroit Lions hold the number three pick in tonight’s NFL draft. Since I can’t top the hype, how about one final mock draft of what could happen?

For the Detroit Lions as well as the rest of the league tonight is the night. The NFL draft is here. We all woke up today practically tasting it.

For Lions fans, the long-awaited answer will be given. Tonight is the night we find out just exactly what general manager Bob Quinn will do from the depths of his basement during the NFL’s first virtual reality draft.

With his four laptops, three landlines, eight cell phones, four calculators, a token abacus, and a couple of cans with string, Bob Quinn will attempt to make Detroit Lions football relevant. He will attempt to turn them into championship contenders with some shrewd draft-day decisions.

And for those of us who have been missing real sports, this will be a three-day event. So despite all of the hullabaloo that has surrounded the Lions top pick, there will still be two more days and many other selections before the spectacle of the draft is over.

Now, since this is my final chance to put in my two cents worth of what I would do if I was plugged into virtual draft central for the Lions, what follows is my attempt to handle the pressure of trying to fill out a roster that still needs several additions.

I used the Pro Football Network’s NFL Mock Draft Simulator to make sure I would have to think on my feet and deal with the possibility of losing out on potential targets. So without further ado here is what I came up with. Each pick is numbered with the actual draft position.