Philip Rivers could increase the value of Detroit Lions top draft pick

The Chargers could be the latest NFL team drafting in the top-10 to need a quarterback. How much could the Detroit Lions get for the third overall pick?

The Detroit Lions pick at third overall is really the show starter for the 2020 NFL Draft. It’s also shaping up to be a possible gold mine that could even be collecting interest with how desperate quarterback-needy teams are looking for their next face of the franchise.

In great news for the Lions and the value of the said pick, another possible bidder has joined the war for that franchise quarterback available at three. The Los Angeles Chargers were reportedly set to move on from quarterback Philip Rivers, but that report has now been clarified by Fox Sport’s Jay Glazer.

Although Glazer does believe the Chargers will ultimately part ways with Rivers, who recently moved his family across the country to Florida, the reports about Los Angeles moving on from their 38-year old passer were taken out of context and incorrect.

But let’s suppose that Rivers’ time with the Chargers is coming to an end this offseason. Los Angeles does possess the sixth overall pick in the upcoming draft after finishing last season with a 5-11 record.

Which now leaves back-to-back-to-back-(skip one)-to-back. If you were able to read that right, that’s four out of five teams in a row drafting in the top-10 that could now be big quarterback buyers. Those potential teams being the Miami Dolphins (fifth), Los Angeles (sixth), the Carolina Panthers (seventh), and the Jacksonville Jaguars (ninth).

Like the tried and true theory of supply and demand, there is now even more demand for that short supply of franchise quarterbacks available at third overall, driving up the Lions’ price. That short supply is Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa … and maybe Oregon passer Justin Herbert.

When you’re a general manager and you fall in love with a quarterback in the draft process you think will change your franchise, you do whatever it takes and go and get him. Any team that now wants their quarterback knows they have to out-bid one more team.

Something is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Would a smart team give up the house for a damaged goods Tagovailoa? Probably not. But, you only need one desperate GM to make it happen. And the Lions are getting my opportunities for desperation to play its card.

A perfect comparison went down in 2018 when the New York Jets traded their sixth overall selection in the draft as well as three second-rounders to the Indianapolis Colts for their third overall pick to take USC quarterback Sam Darnold.

According to the Trade Value Chart, three second-rounders (16th – right in the middle) are more valuable than both of Miami’s other two first-round picks this year at No. 18 and No. 26.

That’s right … 1) Miami has three first-round picks this draft and 2) that means the Jets gave up more in last year’s trade than the Dolphins would if they traded Detroit all three their first-round picks this year for the Lions’ pick at third overall.

Even with the injuries, Tagovailoa comes with much more promise to most general managers than Darnold ever did. If Tua can have a great draft season and eventually get fully cleared medically, I think that’s all some NFL front office is going to need to see to risk it all for the Alabama quarterback. Lions general manager Bob Quinn could be sitting on Fort Knox, just waiting for Tua’s doctors to give him the key.

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If the Detroit Lions get that key, this will be the most critical hand of cards Bob Quinn has ever played as general manager, maybe he’ll ever play. How he chooses to lay them out is the most important move for this organization in a long time. Welcome, Lions, to the Super Bowl of drafts.

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