The Detroit Lions can do better than Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia

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Sometimes the answer isn’t far away

Is it possible that the current regime of Quinn and Patricia are as good as it can get here in Detroit? The frank answer is that it’s not. The next great coaches and general managers are out there waiting to be given a chance. For those of you who don’t trust Martha Firestone Ford to make the right choice, remember this; She was willing to do what her late husband would never do, she asked the league to help identify worthy candidates, which is how Bob Quinn was hired.

Has it worked out exactly as planned? Of course not, but the point is this; even if it didn’t work this time, Mrs. Ford was at least willing to get some outside help in her efforts to turn around this franchise instead of just deciding to allow pride to keep her from being willing to use league resources that are available to any owner who chooses to request them.

Should this regime get scrapped, I would imagine she would probably go the same route again. Hopefully with better results.

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It is very easy to just blame the Ford’s for all the Lions woe’s, not that they don’t deserve their share of the criticism, but much Like Art Rooney did for the Steelers back in 1969, the right people are out there that can turn around this franchise. Great general managers and head coaches don’t just fall out of the sky. They are out there for the picking, it just takes the ability to identify them.

Bill Belichick was a solid head coach in Cleveland before Art Modell moved the team to Baltimore, changed them into the Ravens, and gave Belichick his pink-slip.

Now Bill Belichick is the dean of head coaches and what every franchise aspires to have. His vision is what sets the table for the Patriots winning. Sure they have had Tom Brady and that has gone a long way towards all the success they have had, but you still need Belichick to run the ship.

Finding the right leadership for a team isn’t easy. It’s not easy for owners who are in the know around the league and have resources at their fingertips, much less the fans who are also looking. Pittsburgh GM, Kevin Colbert, was actually plucked front the Lions front office and the Honolulu Blue and Silver fans didn’t really think twice about it. Imagine if he were still here?

I would say the key for Detroit isn’t necessarily finding the next Belichick, it’s finding the next great general manager and sometimes the answer isn’t as far away as we think.