Should the Detroit Lions sign Marcus Mariota in free agency?

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The Detroit Lions offense struggled when Matthew Stafford went down to injury. Should they consider signing former first-round pick Marcus Mariota?

The Detroit Lions season is thankfully over. Not that any of the Honolulu Blue and Silver faithful wouldn’t want to see their favorite team in the postseason, but considering how far from contention they were, not to mention their current nine-game losing streak, this is a good time to call it a season.

A season that began with much hope became ‘Lionized’ as the defense never played anywhere near the level expected of them and a midseason injury to Matthew Stafford took the air out of the offense.

Now that the dust has settled and we stare at the 3-12-1 abyss known as the 2019 Detroit Lions, it really was every bit as bad as it seemed. As a matter of fact, they even fell a half a game short of being bad enough to get Ohio State defensive end Chase Young in the draft.

That is what we call the perfect example of Detroit Lions football. Play horribly, end up near the top of the draft, but falling just shy of the opportunity to get a generational talent at a position of desperate need.

I’ve never liked the Washington Redskins, but I also cheered desperately for them to find some way to edge out the Cowboys last Sunday. Now when Roger Goodell calls Chase Young’s name and hands him a Redskins jersey on April 23rd, I will dislike them even more.

And the Dallas Cowboys will get to pay for their meaningless win by having to face Young twice a season for the next 10 years. At least Detroit isn’t the only one getting screwed by Washington.

But as urgent as the need is to find help for the Detroit Lions pathetic defense, it is also important to find a backup quarterback for Matthew Stafford after two back injuries in as many seasons.

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