After another loss, Detroit Lions move into top-five of 2020 NFL Draft

Credit: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
Credit: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images /

After a weekend loss to the Minnesota Vikings, the 3-9-1 Detroit Lions have made their way into the top-five of the 2020 NFL Draft with three games to go.

The last time the Detroit Lions won a game this season was before Halloween. The Lions are in the midst of a disappointing six-game losing streak and they’ve lost nine of their last 10 contests.

Already eliminated from playoff contention and destined to be the last-place team in the NFC North for the second-straight year, Detroit’s season is over with three more games to be played.

Tanking the rest of the season would put the Lions in the best possible position to retool in the NFL draft next year. Although there are never any guarantees when it comes to drafting college prospects, a higher draft placement only insures Detroit will have more options when their number is called.

With their latest loss to the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, the Lions have tentatively moved up into the top five of the first round in the 2020 NFL Draft. Here are the bottom of the standings following the completion of Week 14 and where each team would draft in the top ten if the season ended today …

#1. Cincinnati Bengals (1-12)
#2. New York Giants (2-11)
#3. Washington Redskins (3-10)
#4. Miami Dolphins (3-10)
#5. Detroit Lions (3-9-1)
#6. Arizona Cardinals (3-9-1)
#7. Jacksonville Jaguars (4-9)
#8. Atlanta Falcons (4-9)
#9. New York Jets (5-8)
#10. Los Angeles Chargers (5-8)

If the Lions want to continue to climb up the draft ladder, they’ll need to lose their final three games. That shouldn’t be a problem based on their poor play against the Vikes and their upcoming schedule of opponents which includes the 6-7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the 5-8 Denver Broncos, and the 10-3 Green Bay Packers.

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The Detroit Lions would also need the teams in front of them to actually win in these final three weeks. The Bengals have the 10-3 New England Patriots, the 6-7 Cleveland Browns, and the 3-10 Dolphins on their upcoming schedule. The Giants will play the 3-10 Dolphins, the 6-7 Philadelphia Eagles, the 3-10 Redskins. The Redskins have the 6-7 Eagles, the 6-7 Dallas Cowboys, and the 2-11 Giants. Finally, the Dolphins play the 2-11 Giants, the 10-3 Patriots, and the 1-12 Bengals.