Should the Detroit Lions fire Bob Quinn? The pros and cons

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Why the Detroit Lions should ‘Fire Quinn’

If the proverbial ax was in our hands what reasons are there to move on and find new leadership?

Year Four

In the Keep section, we mentioned that Quinn had completely turned over the roster coming into this season with a couple of core players being retained, Stafford and Slay, for example. With that roster of his choosing and crafting what results have we seen out of the team? Unless things turn around on the field REAL quick, the Lions are facing the second losing season under Quinn and his chosen coach, Matt Patricia.

Quinn inherited some key players

Elite players at two of the most difficult positions being given to a new general manager aren’t common. Stafford has been in or near the top ten in almost every statistical category at his position for the duration of Quinn’s tenure. Darius Slay has been a similar player at cornerback for the Detroit Lions.

While defensive schemes can require new personnel through the draft, protecting your franchise quarterback and giving him a running game are pretty basic tasks. The Detroit Lions have improved their line but have managed to stop just short of putting together a young,  skilled unit for their roster and QB.

The passing game with Stafford has been good but after four years none of the units that support their franchise quarterback are fixed. Quinn has made some improvements in some places, like at wide receiver and tight end, but missed the mark with the line and running backs.