The Detroit Lions believe there is strength in numbers

Da'Shawn Hand, Detroit Lions (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Da'Shawn Hand, Detroit Lions (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /
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(Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images) /

Detroit Lions general manager Bob Quinn is trying to build a championship team, but reaching that goal will depend greatly on their depth.

The Detroit Lions believe that big things lie ahead of them this season. As far as Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia are concerned, last year was the aberration. This season is for real.

The question is; does Matt Patricia have the horses to make good on their expectations?

Football is the ultimate team sport and the more talent a team has, the better the chances of it winning on a regular basis.

We often talk about the importance of a coach’s ability to be creative and come up with scheme’s that can outwit their opponents or the necessary capacity to get the most out of their players, but what we sometimes forget is that you still need the players that can execute those scheme’s and make big plays in big games.

After all what good is the perfect pass if it’s dropped? Or what about not having a chance to hit the open receiver because the blocking didn’t provide the quarterback with time to throw the ball? Or overrunning a play on defense and leaving a cut back lane that leads to a big run?

The Vince Lombardi’s, Tom Landry‘s, Don Shula‘s, Chuck Noll‘s, Bill Walsh‘s and Bill Belichick’s of the world have earned their reputations by doing their jobs about as well as anyone who has ever coached the game. But they also all had very talented teams too.

The old saying that great players make coaching easier is absolutely true.

Show me any coach that is considered innovative or a genius and I’ll show you a coach that has enough talented players on his roster to make his scheme work. That isn’t said to demean great coaching, but even the greatest coaches never won anything without having some degree of talent that was able to execute their system.